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Get your content marketing under control with the powerful feature list of Campaign Warrior. 

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Campaign Warrior has powerful tools for managing your content marketing. Designed by an inbound marketing agency, Campaign Warrior gets more done faster for your business. Discover the features of the Professional Portal.

Create a list of your website pages from your Site Map
Filter and tag your website pages for auditing
Create clusters of your like pages for rapid copy and pasting of HTML links into websites and emails.
Tests to see if you have a broken site map which will be causing SEO problems for you
View traffic and organic social stats from page clusters
Create multiple campaigns for social posting and reporting
Check Meta Descriptions for existence and correct formatting
Check your Alt Tags on web pages for maximum search
Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts and post social messages with links to your web pages
Drive organic traffic from your social posting to your website
Connect your Google Analytics Account to see your popular pages alongside your organic social results
Connect into HubSpot to act as a database of social posts to automatically be posted through HubSpot
Store your hashtags, @ signs, and positioning statements in one location for easy social media control
Add multiple domains and sub-domains to your web page list
Add a tracking code to your site to automatically add new web pages to your page list
Have multiple unique portals for different clients/agents/franchises/location
Create a custom white label performance report, branded with your livery for your customers
Tracks stats on the link clicks back to your website from Social Media posting
It allows you to duplicate successful posts and quickly repost to social media
Exports posts in HTML format for any social media or web platform, with a unique link for tracking
Add unlimited team members without any additional charges
Produces an easy to reconcile custom bill for you to pass on your agency charges to 3rd parties
Gets you more social clicks with less effort
Take your company approved text snippets for easy republishing on social media.

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