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SEO methodology is the combination of generally accepted web marketing facts with methodologies specific to the domain of search engine optimization. It is both holistic and technological, offering users a mature and powerful toolkit with the combination of SEO techniques and creative solutions. At the same time, it is a pull strategy that is incredibly time-consuming, which is why many online marketers hesitate to put it to use.

Since time is a currency that you cannot afford to waste, every minute you spend on pulling strategies and optimization methods should be spent on growing your business. Once you have mastered the fundamentals of pulling, it is time to expand into link building.


The Importance of Links

High quality links are the core backbone of your SEO strategy, and every link to your site is like a vote. However, there are many ploys by SEO firms that target auto dealerships in television markets, or specify their keywords to auto dealerships based on their geographical location. 

By targeting the location of these auto dealerships, SEO firms are able to get links from their home pages, as well as the internal pages of their website. This is what I would call a one-way linking strategy. It generates great traffic, and the site that is linked to is likely to see a slight boost in search results rankings.

Without links, your site may languish in the netherworld of the internet, where it can never be found. By using a holistic approach to SEO, including pulling and link building, your site can likely rise to the top of the search engines, and find a place in the millions of searchers in the process.


Pull Strategies

  1. Article marketing

  2. Learning SEO free lessons

  3. Writing and submitting press releases

  4. Blog commenting on do-follow blogs

  5. Social bookmarking

  6. One-way linking strategies

  7. Multi-purpose backlinking

Given that search engines are known to give preference to knowledge-based sites, and naturally read articles, writing and submitting articles is a mostly ineffective pull strategy. However, if your pulling strategy offers a variety of quality contents, and you can vary the contents yourself, then by adding new postings or comments, it can work wonders for your ranking.


Learning SEO free lessons can effectively be the pull strategy for your small business.

Before your small business takes off, you should first understand SEO. It is a complicated method, and overall it revolves around maintaining a particular website. But with the right course of action, you can optimize your site without having to major in any advanced methods. Yes, you can still maintain your businesses secrets while you learn SEO, but once you have that skill set, you can be well ahead of the majority of business owners who have never heard of SEO.

So if you are ready to learn SEO, the central theme of this article is SEO basics. Once you understand the basics, you will have a clear view on how SEO can help your small business.


What are the basics of SEO? 

The basics are all about the keywords that pertain to your product or service. For example, if you are selling hot dogs, you should choose a set of keywords that are descriptive of your hotdogs. Instead of merely selecting the product's name, try to discover what other products or services are available and chose the set of keywords that would be the most appropriate.

The idea is to choose a group of keywords that will help you attract a specific group of people. That is the most fundamental approach in SEO. It is less about attracting as much traffic to your website and more about getting targeted traffic who are more likely to become your customers.


Your SEO method

If you are using article marketing as your primary marketing strategy, you should be aiming to create articles that will rank highly in the search engines and help you reach your audience. When you write your article, you should be focused not only on creating content for educational purposes but also on creating high-quality backlinks to your website.

But keep in mind that the articles you create are for people, and not merely for search engine spiders. Yes, your articles need to be informative, well written and concise, but they also need to be interesting to users. That is why developing strong marketing skills is such an important for SEO professional.

Once you have acquired some understanding on the basics of SEO methodologies, you can easily decide on which tools to acquire and which methodologies you want to employ. If you still need help understanding the fundamentals of SEO link building, HubSpot offers a course on the subject here

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