What is a Meta Description

sven-brandsma-C5SUkYZT7nU-unsplashMarketing has changed a vast amount over the past few decades. The emergence of the internet and widespread access to computers means that SEO is now one of today's most important marketing tactics. 

Even though SEO is essential to modern marketing, it can be challenging to fully understand certain SEO terms. Here, Campaign Warrior will explain the importance of meta descriptions in any SEO strategy. 

What is a Meta Description 

Meta descriptions are critical as they act as a form of advertising for your page's copy. On the search engine, the text displayed beneath the headlines of the search results is the meta description. 

Why is a Meta Description Important 

Writing relevant, eye-catching meta descriptions with appropriate keywords can help draw in new visitors. Google also bolds text in the meta description that matches a search query, so good use of keywords can catch a visitor's eye.

Be careful to avoid stuffing keywords into your meta description and ensure that every meta description is unique to each page. 

How to Write a Meta Description 

When it comes to writing your meta description, there are specific rules you have to follow to write that perfect meta description. 

  • 155-160 characters: Make sure that your meta description isn't too long or too short. Google cuts meta descriptions off at 160, so most aim for this. Campaign Warrior can help identify meta descriptions on your site that are too long or too short.

  • Keywords: Include relevant keywords in your meta description. This will help your content rank higher and bring in new visitors.

  • Eye Catching: The meta description helps pull new readers in, use it to make your webpage sound irresistible.

  • Unique: Make sure you write a different meta description for each page of your site. Repeating meta descriptions can hurt your SEO ranking. 

  • Relevant: Make sure your meta description matches the page content. Google punishes sites that try and trick the algorithm. 

With an understanding of meta descriptions and how to write them, you'll be on your way to driving more traffic to your website. 

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