What is Evergreen Content?

How can you get your Evergreen content to generate more organic traffic using Campaign Warrior?

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Understanding Evergreen Website Content

Evergreen content derives from inbound marketing practices. Just like evergreen trees don't lose their leaves, evergreen content is a piece of content that doesn't diminish in relevance or usefulness. You can tell a piece of content is evergreen if your visitors are still asking the questions it is addressing. As long as the problem still exists, your content remains evergreen. Evergreen content is critical to a successful website and social media strategy.

How to Tell if Content is Evergreen

If the goods and services that you sell are no longer available or relevant to the customer, then it stands to reason that your website page is no longer evergreen. In some cases, this might happen because the page offered a limited-time special, like a seasonal sale. Other times, circumstances have changed, and the content becomes unhelpful. Does your content have an expiry date? If so, it is not evergreen content. If you discover a piece of content that isn't evergreen, you can choose to leave it in place, unpublish it, or tweak it to make it evergreen. Whenever possible, try editing and rewriting the content to make it evergreen to keep your page count high and your site helpful.

Social Strategy. How Evergreen Content Fits into Your Social Media Strategy

Your website pages are there to provide solutions. Intelligent inbound marketing, using your website needs problem-solving content. As long as the content you are providing is still relevant, then promoting an Evergreen page will bring inbound traffic to your website.  

Campaign Warrior makes it easy to quickly access your evergreen content and promote it using social media.

Forgotten Content. Have you forgotten about your website pages?

A common problem that you may not know you have relates to "lost" website pages. This is a content marketing nightmare. Often, businesses will publish a page, after lots of hard work. Then they promote the website page across their social media. But what happens then? The page is forgotten. As the business' library of content keeps growing, that page then becomes lost in the ever-growing size of your website. Campaign Warrior helps you keep a track of all of your website pages by category and campaign, making it very easy to never forget about your content. 

Get your content performing. Dust off the old and make it work for you.

Most of your audience hasn't seen the website pages you spent hours publishing. If your page was written with Google keywords optimization and maximized for search engines, it might get found by a search engine like Google. You still need to tell the world about your fantastic content. However, social media allows you to push and promote your page to people on a regular basis. Best of all, it lets you answer questions people didn't even know to have! Campaign Warrior helps you identify quickly, the best performing content, no matter the age of it. 

Automatic Posting. How Campaign Warrior Leverages Your Evergreen Content

Set algorithms that will continuously push out social posts that promote your evergreen website pages. Be frees of the pain of drag and drop social scheduling, so you can spend more time creating excellent content and engaging social posts. Intelligent social media scheduling activates dormant pages and drives traffic back to your website while removing the human resource friction required to do so. Campaign Warrior gets more clicks for less effort. More traffic to your website without the need for expensive advertising.

Easy scheduling. Post more content, more often.

Remember that the Internet is not a small place. There are millions of pages created daily. The chances that your prospects will see duplicate posts on their newsfeed is low. People do not remember all of the social media posts that you are doing, nor do they track multiple postings. If your evergreen piece of content solves problems and creates solutions, post it more often. Use your social channels and tell the world. All the time. Campaign Warrior makes it easy for you to create the volume that is right for your content, removing the hassle of trying to discover what is the right level of activity needed.

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