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5 Reasons to consider Campaign Warrior

Once upon a time, there were only one or two social media accounts to manage. A couple of posts here and there was enough. But now social is everywhere; every one of your brands has a growing range of social platforms, hashtags, and handles. 

Because of that, the strategy of posting is harder and more complicated than ever. Simply put, social posting is a drag

To get it right, you need a simple but powerful tool, here it is, Campaign Warrior. 


1. Automated Social Posting

Use the computer, not your prime time.

Your time is precious, and you need it to get important stuff done. It's not to say that social media doesn't matter; it does. It gets clicks. It gets exposure and activity. However, it can be time-consuming preparing posts for social.

Social media fuels your e-commerce sales, it accelerates traffic to your blogs and gets your prospects into your sales funnel. 

Campaign Warrior lets you set and forget the number of times you want to post. 

Post up to a given date. Post based on quantity. Post to fill your social schedule holes. 

Give your social a turbocharge today.


2. One easy interface

Post social quickly and easily.

We wanted to make social posting simple. So we built one central store for all of your social, no more chopping and changing between tools.

Get used to the one interface. Campaign Warrior gives you multiple ways to see your data - fast.

Save time, reduce human resource investment, and get more awesome done every hour. 


3. International Time Zone Support

Act locally, post globally.

The world never sleeps. Precious content going out in the right Time zones is critical to you. 

Create posting profiles for your global markets with custom constraints on when posting is to occur, all adjusted to the time that matters.

Campaign Warrior makes sure you get the times right, no matter where you are.


4. Learn from your past

Got a routine that works? Stick to it.

Have you come across a schedule that works for you and your team? Save it. 

Take back your day; spend your time curating remarkable content rather than doing the same old, same old, social posting. 

Refine and improve your social posts. Take the past, work it, rework it, drive organic traffic to your site. 


5. Get Posting Social Fast.

Link your posts to your website pages

Do you have evergreen website content that provides value to customers? Chances are you do. Chances are also high, it has been forgotten about and is gathering dust on the shelf. Valuable problem-solving content needs to be activated to help future customers. 

Publishing your evergreen content with links on social media will get clicks back to your website. Free.

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