Adam Steinhardt
Chief Executive Officer

Originally a computer programmer and international athlete, Adam founded Next Byte. An Apple Reseller in Australia that would become the most prominent in Australia before the arrival of the Apple Store.

As the Managing Director, Adam was also the director of the Next Byte internal advertising and marketing department. While managing 16 Next Byte stores Adam began to appreciate the complexities of brand management across many locations.

In 2009, Adam founded The Kingdom and set out to build a 5-star advertising agency. The Kingdom provided expert digital marketing, advertising, and social media solutions.

In 2015, The Kingdom became a Platinum HubSpot Partner. The power of content marketing and the inbound methodology was quickly recognized. The Kingdom began to appreciate the power of evergreen content.

In 2017, Adam programmed the prototype of Campaign Warrior and soon raised venture capital to launch the software.

Adam's original idea of storing historical social media posts, created from evergreen website content, is still a driving force behind the market-ready version of Campaign Warrior today.

With a unique combination of understanding sales and marketing, combined with programming skills, Adam directs the programming team.

So much time is spent making great content for websites that gets published and forgotten about. Campaign Warrior brings life back to your content and gets traffic humming.

Adam ensures that the entire team is empowered with the vision of the product. To provide customers around the world benefit from the productivity gains possible from Campaign Warrior.


Favorite Features Of Campaign Warrior

• Tags

• Magic Copy, HTML Cluster Copy and Paste

• The Web Scraping Tool

• The Tracking Code for Adding Pages

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Adam Steinhardt CEO Campaign Warrior