Zaahn Johnson
VP Operations

As Operations Director at The Kingdom Zaahn has enjoyed helping clients with excellent inbound strategies - both idea creation and implementation. Driving engagement using organic social is always in the mix with these strategies.

Zaahn has worked directly with the Campaign Warrior development team to ensure the tool consists of exactly what customers need.

What's her favorite part of Campaign Warrior?

I love the tagging tool. To tag your pages and be able to filter them is priceless. Great for campaign-based marketing. Push those pages out to social with ease and speed. Do not underestimate Tags!

When Zaahn isn't delivering awesome content for her clients, you will find her hanging out at home with her family and friends - generally with champagne close at hand. Fun is never far away if Zaahn is around.

Favorite Features of Campaign Warrior

• The Tag Tool.

• The @ Sign Library

• Ability to post to HubSpot directly

• Magic Copying and pasting in HTML

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Zaahn Johnson VP Operations Campaign Warrior