How Does Campaign Warrior Pricing Work?

Campaign Warrior gives you the power to control your content marketing strategy and boost your SEO. 

Understanding Pricing

How Much Does Campaign Warrior Cost?

Campaign Warrior has a USD $19, monthly fee.

With this monthly fee, you can use all of Campaign Warrior's impressive website list management tool features. 

The starting plan gives you 250 pages in the website list and 1000 dynamic related content page impressions.

Pricing scales up as your need increases.

If you wish to create related content and serve that up to your website dynamically in real-time, you receive 1000 free page impressions with your $19 a month license. 

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You Can Buy More Page Impressions

If you would like to increase page impressions, then Campaign Warrior can be scaled up for you. Campaign Warrior is designed to grow and match your website's size and the size of your traffic. 

You can purchase an additional 250 pages and 1000 website impressions for just an extra USD $5 per month.


These extra impressions will allow you to serve even more related content to your website.

The related content modules are a cheap investment to generate additional website clicks. For instance, the more pages serving content on your site, the more likely you will receive website clicks. 


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Campaign Warrior Related Content is Cheaper Than Google Ads

It only takes two website clicks on the average cost of $2.50 per click to pay for your Campaign Warrior related content investment, making Campaign Warrior far cheaper than Google AdWords. 

Using the campaign wire dynamic link building tool, you can build links and add them to your pages to improve your SEO ranking. As a result, Campaign Warrior will expand your organic reach, making it terrific value for money.

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Campaign Warrior Overview

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Gain control over your content marketing with Campaign Warrior

Campaign Warrior rapidly builds a list of all of your website pages. Adding new pages is easy as the unique tracking code will add pages visited. Once you have a list, build your topic clusters, and push related content to your website.

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