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All the rich Campaign Warrior features at your fingertips. Audit, Tag, Fix. Post. Manage multiple websites and multiple domains all for just $49 a month, per portal.

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Audit One Website Domain
Website Tracking Code for auto page add
Create Additional Portals*
Easy Portal Switching
Add Sub Domains - Free
Add Different Domains to One Portal*
Itemized billing reports for client portals
Connect Unlimted Social Media Accounts
Built in Link Shortening
@ Sign Library
# Library
Text Snippets Library
Magic Copy
Multiple Campaign Management
Future Post Schedule
Stats Dashboard
HubSpot Integration
Google Analytics Integration
Custom Branded Reports.
Unlimited Web Page List Tags
Export Audited Web Page List to CSV
*All prices are in USD

Plan Comparison

Starter Professional
Audit One Page
Audit Many Pages
Website Tracking Code for instant page add
Add additional domains
Add Additional Sub Domains - Free
Create Additional Portals for different businesses
Itemized billing report for multiple client portals
Social Media
Connect 2 Social Media Accounts
Connect Unlimited Social Media Accounts
Built in Link Shortening
Campaign Management
Future Post Schedule
Stats Dashboard
Campaign Warrior Branded Report
Custom Branded Reports
20 Social Media Posts per month
Unlimited Social Media Posts
@Sign Library
#HashTag Library
Shared Social Posting Text Snippets
Social Posting Rules
Website Management
2 Web Page Tags
Unlimited Web Page Tags
Google Analytics Integration
Export to CSV
Export Page Clusters as HTML
Meta Tag Audit
Magic Copy

How much does it cost for Campaign Warrior?

About Portals.

A portal is a window to another business. For an advertising agency, it would be a different client. For a real estate agent, a franchise location.

Portals are very powerful as they allow you to quickly change between different businesses.

An agency might have two clients. ABC Client and 123 Client. They would have two portals that are unique to each business but contained in your Campaign Warrior subscription.

Campaign Warrior provides a comprehensive billing report.

Portals are a unique competitive advantage for Campaign Warrior. Additional Portals are $49 USD.

About Domains.

If you have a portal with your business domain, you may wish to add another domain, that is different but relevant. An example might be for a podcast that is a different name.

For example, HubSpot have and for their conference, both are assets to the HubSpot business and would be in the same portal. 

Domains can be added to your portal for an additional $6.95 USD per month.

About Sub Domains.

Unlimited subdomains can be added to your Pro portal free of charge.

Example: is built on Wordpress but has their on HubSpot. This can be added free of charge.


About The Tracking Code.

Available with the Pro subscription is the Campaign Warrior Tracking Code. Once you subscribe to the Pro version, you unlock your tracking code which can be placed in header or footer of your website. 

Once your web page is visited then this page is automatically added to your web page. 


The Free Starter Option

We offer you a forever free Starter Portal. It's not a trial, it's a fully working option for you.

Of course, we want you to buy the Professional edition, but at the same time opt to give you as long as you need to assess our software.

If you would like to add additional portals and additional domains, then you will need to upgrade to the Professional version of Campaign Warrior.

It's not a trial. There is no time limit, and it is fully featured. Let us know what you think.



The Professional Option

The Pro subscription to Campaign Warrior gives you all the power to your portal.

Fully featured this is the best way to maximize your content marketing management.

The base cost is $49 USD, per month.

Each additional portal you add is $49 USD per month. 

You can add additional full domains to your portal for $6.95 USD per month.

If you have any questions please feel welcome to contact us by live chat or below.

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