Why was Campaign Warrior invented?

Built from the ground up with agency experience to streamline your content marketing strategy.

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Built With First Hand Agency Experience

The Kingdom is a software company and HubSpot Diamond Partner. 

In 2016, we invented the first edition of the Campaign Warrior software. Today, after over four years of refinement and hundreds of hours of development, we're bringing you this powerful tool that will become the backbone of your content curation strategy. 

As a HubSpot partner, we're aware of all the difficulties and time-consuming issues with content curation and website building. We built Campaign Warrior to streamline these issues and supercharge your HubSpot content marketing strategy.   

With Campaign Warrior, you can scrape your website and build a list of your website pages, gaining quick access to your website's inner workings in seconds. Using this top-down view of your site pages, you can tag related content, fix meta descriptions, and even create topic clusters instantly. 

Campaign Warrior's powerful related content module also allows you to create lists of related content, making it easier than ever to guide your visitors down the marketing funnel. Further, as HubSpot partners, Campaign Warrior has given us the ability to get a headstart on new clients. In seconds we can get information about potential clients' websites, allowing us to head into meetings with in-depth preparation. 

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Content marketers can already do all of this without Campaign Warrior; it just takes a lot of time and energy. With Campaign Warrior, these processes are streamlined, making your content marketing duties far more straightforward and far less stressful.

Ease of use is built into the foundation of Campaign Warrior. We spent hundreds of hours developing an interface that is intuitive and easy to follow, allowing you to quickly gain a headstart and hit the ground running with our software.

As a HubSpot Partner, we have created an integration to HubSpot. This makes it a brilliant tool for HubSpot partners to add value to their website content and can easily be used by anybody wanting to gain a strong understanding and get control of your website.

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