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Quickly build a list of your website pages to get a unified top-down view of your websites and subdomains.

Use your page list to instantly search, audit, and get control of your web content.

Rate and tag your pages, then gather them to make engaging content topic clusters.

Output your handiwork to the HubSpot CMS Related Content Module, or embed on any site using the Related Content iFrame generator.

Boost SEO and save hours as you copy your content clusters to HTML and paste source code directly into your web page or email template.

Dynamically serve up topic clusters to your web pages giving real-time content to encourage your prospect's content journey.


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Discover, Revamp, Cluster, Improve

Get Control Of Your Website

Campaign Warrior Overview


Audit, Tag, Fix, Serve

Build a List of Your Web Pages
in Seconds

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In a one-off process Campaign Warrior reads your website map. Install the tracking code on your website, and all visited/new pages automatically get added to your list. Add sub-domains for no extra charge and see all of your web pages in one place.

Install your Google Analytics code, and you have the popularity to guide your website audit. Use the Campaign Warrior meta audit tools and get your site SEO perfect.


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top-down website control made easy

Audit Your Meta, Find Broken Pages, Build Content Clusters

You can organize and list, audit and fix the quality of your content, and serve related content matching the journey of your prospects.

Get more clicks for your website

Control Dynamic Content with a Purpose-Built HubSpot Module

Campaign Warrior uses your content clusters to serve optimised, related content to your website visitors in real-time.

You choose. Either by tags, sort by most popular, or by sales funnel relevance; most importantly you can choose by recency. Control the content your website displays in real-time.

Direct connect to the HubSpot CMS or use the Campaign Warrior iFrame to embed HTML links on any website.

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Organize your Website

Generate HTML in one click

Select your content cluster, and copy it to the clipboard in HTML with one click. Paste right into your website page or email for instant customer journey enhancement.

Build a list of your website pages then export them to CSV and load into popular apps like ClickUp, TeamWork, BaseCamp, Jira, and Monday. Get your web rebuild firing.
No more spreadsheets!

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Switch workspaces effortlessly

Multiple Portals for Agencies and Multi-domain businesses.

Campaign Warrior lets you have multiple workspaces. Perfect for agencies and businesses with more than one domain and various websites to manage.
Easily click between portals and get your content under control.

Add a 250-page website portal for just USD $19 a month, which includes 1000 content impressions. Got a more significant website?

The Campaign Warrior pricing scales as you do. Try it all out for free. The 14-day fully functioning trial gives you a top-down view of your website and 200 dynamic cluster impressions for your website.

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Organize your Website

Filter and Tag Your Content

With Campaign Warrior, you can deliver on the promise of your website. Campaign Warrior's powerful software allows you to optimize your content quickly and easily, fixing problematic meta descriptions and tagging your content.

Campaign Warrior's innovative software makes finding related content easy. 

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