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Audit your entire website in only 60 seconds

Campaign Warrior gives you quick access to your entire website and lets you audit, improve, and promote your valuable content.

It all begins with a website Audit. Campaign Warrior goes and finds all your website pages from your site map, and builds an easy to manage list so you can audit and make better use of your evergreen, lead generating content.

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Post your evergreen content to social easily.

Posting social is a drag. Where do you start? Writer's block happens to the best of them and chances are you team members posting social are busy with many other tasks. 

Campaign Warrior takes your pre-approved website content and puts it at your fingertips to get posting asap. Using powerful algorithms we then load up your social schedules to generate lots of organic traffic to your web pages. 

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Campaign Warrior Testimonial
Remarkable. The ability to quickly audit our website, then use the Tags to build campaigns was a game-changer.
Jamie Scott
Showpony Advertising - Managing Director

How many website pages do you have? Find out in just 5 minutes.

What is your website page count? Do you know? How would you find out? It's a surprisingly hard question to answer for many businesses.

Within a minute of signing up to Campaign Warrior, you see a list of all your website pages. Sign up for free and audit the list of your website in just 5 minutes.

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Campaign Warrior Features At A Glance

Instant Web Page List

We give marketing teams access to their full list of website pages and provide the ability to filter and group web pages.

Fast Switching Portals

Campaign Warrior allows your agency to have multiple portals, one for each client and lets you swap quickly between portals.

Custom Campaign Reports
Campaigns are built tracked and easy to understand white-label reports are produced with your agency branding so you can take full credit for all your (not so hard) work.
Powerful Web Page Filters

Filter your website pages and quickly find broken pages, old pages and even pages with missing meta data.

Tag and Group Pages

Quickly find web pages, then tag them into clusters. Campaign Warrior is the perfect tool for website renovation management and content grouping.

@ Sign and # Libraries

Keep the social businesses that you manage on brand with the Campaign Warrior hashtag and mentions library. Design to speed up your posting. 

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Sign up and get a list of your current website pages in seconds. See for yourself the power of Campaign Warrior.

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How Campaign Warrior Helps You

See for yourself how Campaign Warrior solves the challenges of your business with these powerful key features.

Evergreen Content
Evergreen published website content is an underutilized asset for your business that boosts organic search.
Digital Marketing
Marketing managers are overwhelmed trying to keep up with digital marketing, which requires IT understanding. Not anymore.
Social Posting
Companies often have underutilized social media channels as it's time-consuming. Social media posting is a powerful way to activate customers.
Content Creation
Social content creation and platforms are too dependent on the knowledge and the assumptions made by the operator.
Content Distribution
It’s difficult to predict the optimal rates of content distribution to social media networks because of the high labor requirement.
Enterprises have the challenge to manage and report all of the digital tools spread across multiple accounts, and geographic locations.
Asset Tracking
Agencies typically operate many digital assets for customers and find it very hard to track every asset. Now there is dashboard to solve this.
Lack of reporting makes it difficult to predict optimum levels of social publishing. Take an overview and export a report easily.
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Special Features for Content Marketing

Magic Copy Page Groups

Find your related content pages then copy them in HTML format. Simply paste into your source code for instant clustered link creation.

Built-In Link Shortening

Tracks the clicks back to your website pages from your social posting, with built-in link shortening. 

Integrated Google Analytics

Match your viewed website pages with the performance of your organic social posting. Discover what is popular and what is not.

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Filter your pages and get your content organized using Tags

Are you redesigning a new website and need to sort out the old pages? Use the Campaign Warrior powerful filters to group your web pages, then tag them for easy management. 

Search and tag matching content clusters then paste the raw HTML right into your website for brilliant inbound link building.

Tags isolate and group your web pages for campaigns and easier cluster management. Tags are highly addictive and you'll wonder how you ever managed a website without them.

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See and discover your Website problems first, so Google doesn't.

Search engine ranking is vital for every business. Have you ever thought, how does Google see your website?

Campaign Warrior exposes your Meta descriptions, Alt tags, old pages, duplicates, and broken site pages.

These broken bits are disliked by Google. You can't fix what you can't see, but now you can with Campaign Warrior. 

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How do you know if your website is broken?

Most websites have glaring faults hidden behind the CMS. Expose your content and fix what's silently hurting your SEO.

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Manage Multiple clients and locations. Made for Agency.

Quickly create multiple portals in one environment for each of your clients or business locations. Campaign Warrior lets you manage different clients, brands, agents, store locations and team members all in seconds.

Flick between your different business accounts at speed as you get your entire marketing effort unified, coordinated and in one place.

Are you an agency managing multiple businesses? Campaign Warrior lets you deal with them all in one App. Does your enterprise have multiple brands? Use Campaign Warrior to manage all brands quickly, and easily.

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Easily find successful content, and post it fast.

Creating hundreds of social posts can be a chore, especially if takes you all day working in a busy enterprise. Many businesses spend thousands of dollars building websites and e-commerce sites, then launch them and forget about them. Save time by repurposing your former content.

Thousands of words are handcrafted to speak the benefits of your business, yet how are you amplifying this content? Often websites are published and forgotten.

This is content that still adds value to the customer journey. While it's fresh to the business on day one, if it's adding value to the client then is this content not still valuable and new?

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