Boost your Conversions with These 9 Tips

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Boost your Conversions with These 9 Tips

Is your website working hard for you, or is it just sitting there doing nothing for you?

For many, their website doesn't help build their business. It doesn't help you develop more lists, because anyone who visits your website and does not buy your product or service will leave. The most important reason for this is that you aren't compelling visitors to buy your product or service.

Most people will sift through a couple of pages, get distracted and then leave your website to find a solution to their problem. This is a HUGE problem for companies without their own sales pages.

Here are some tips on how to help someone make a purchase decision on your website:

  1. Don't get lazy with your email marketing. Send customer support tickets as quickly as you can. If you aren't able to get a response, do as much as you can to get a response. Send a "thank you" email a couple of hours after they made the order.
  2. When you make changes to your website, program sales pages or newsletters, include a warning notice to potential customers that they might have trouble using your website.
  3. Tell your customers that you'll never rent, sell or disclose their personal and confidential information to any other party.
  4. Tell your customers that "you won't rent, sell or disclose personal information to another party unless we provide you with a secure copy of such information. We will use such information dependably and will not be responsible for any damage or loss that may be caused by such abuse."
  5. When you send out your own promotional emails, include a discount offer on your product, service, or web site address. Otherwise, it could cost your business thousands each year in lost sales.
  6. Include a one-time offer on your webpage to offer your potential customers a reduced price or limited availability.
  7. Include a prominent opt-in form on your web site, including a prominent place on every page. This article about opt-in forms is an excellent source for your information.
  8. Offer your customers a chance to forward your promotional emails to family and friends. Include appropriate links, mention the special promotion or seasonal discount, then include a special incentive such as a free gift for friends and family.
  9. Include links to your articles on your site on every web page. This will make it easy to share content on an ongoing basis.

With these 9 tips, you can have your digital presence really driving success. Learn more about how you can drive your marketing in 2021 with some important information from the HubSpot team.

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